your safety and make your hot tub safe

There are two small pieces that you can add to your spa that help ensure your safety and make your hot tub a safe pleasure. One of those items is a thermometer. Most hot tubs tell you what temperature your spa is set at and we assume that when the hot tub stops heating we are at that temperature. This may not be the case. Sometimes the heater over shoots the temperature it is set at before it stops. The electronics may not be accurate. To make sure that the temperature in the hot tub is not only safe be is at the one that gives you personally the most pleasure, you should have a thermometer on hand to test the true temperature. Submersible and floating thermometer are the answer. You can even get one held up by a friendly critter. Do not put your family in danger from a too hot spa. Check before anyone gets in. You can find several examples on our website under Water Testing in Water Treatment on page 2.

The second safety you should always have in your spa is a floating chemical feeder. Most hot tubs do not have chemical feeders built in, so that even though you adjust your chemicals, while the hot tub is sitting around or when people are using the tub the chemicals are decreasing. A floating chemical feeder can supply a constant small amount of chemical to help maintain a safe level of sanitizer to keep the nasties at bay. There are several different chemical floaters for bromine or chlorine as well as a mineral system that will float around just doing there job. They can be found also in Water Treatment under Feeders, Floating.  You can even have a companion critter to your thermometer!

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