UV Replacement Lamp, Therm 3L3, 5w, Quantity 24

UV Replacement Lamp, Therm 3L3, 5w, Quantity 24, Discontinued Part


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Replacement Lamp for the Ultraviolet Water Sanitizer by Therm Products:

IMPORTANT: This part may have been labeled as a 10w UV Replacement Bulb, however Therm Products has assured us that it is 5w. If in doubt, please contact your Horizon Sales Representative!

24 Count of Therm 3L3 UV Generator, Replacement Lamps
High-Intensity, ultraviolet light-emitting 5 watt lamp
Lamp life exceeds 13,000 energized hours
Permanent PVC protective caps and shock dampening spring ensure lamp will not become loose during transit
Internal 316L stainless steel sealing mechanism ensures that quartz shroud protecting the lamp will not distort or leak
Long life electronic lamp ballast
UV Lamp continues to emit dosage of 30mj/cm2 near end of life

See 42-238-1000 and 42-238-1005 for complete UV Generators.

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Weight 3.0950 lbs
Dimensions 19.00 × 9.00 × 6.00 in


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