Parts to make your blower better

Brushes: Instead of buying a new air blower for your pool and/or spa sometimes all you need to do is to take the blower apart and simply replace the brushes on the motor to make the blower work again. It will save you from buying a new blower.

Adapter Cords: These cords come in different lengths and different sizes. They are made to help you plug in your new blower without doing a lot of wiring. There are cords made to plug your blower directly into your pool or spa pack or controller.

Check Valves: Air check valves are very highly recommended for all pool and/or spa blowers. If the air blower is below the water level of the pool or spa, they help the water to stay out of the blower so you do not burn it out. There are different kinds of air check valves for different air blower plumbing, 1 ½ in. PVC, 2 in PVC, 2 ½ in PVC. There are slip to slip and some take male threads and have to be glued.

Cords: There are different cords for 110v or 220v. This gives the common power cords for installing a blower. There are cords for going directly into outlets (male) and cords (usually female) for going into a pack or controller to get power. These cords can also be used to power other pool and spa equipment, such as pumps, ozonators, etc.

Fittings: These fittings are not normally available in local hardware stores. They are specially made for the pool and spa industry. The sweep 90’s in particular are used to minimize the space that the blower is installed in such as under a spa. The U bends are usually used to act as traps. These fittings are also used to comply with local code requirements.

Motors: Instead of replacing your complete blower you can buy a motor combined with a new fan. Replacement is easy and requires no gluing. There are different styles and voltages (115v and 220v) and different horse power ranging from 1 ½ hp to 2 hp.


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