Metal Stop 7-Tech 7500 Gallon

Using a pre-filter to fill your spa can save you time and heartache. Attach the pre-filter to your hose and fill as usual. Easy! But now that your spa is filled, because you used a pre-filter adjusting your chemicals is easy too. The pre-filter removes contaminants from the water giving you water that is super clean. The 7 Tech Pre-filter is made with multiple filtering medias so that it does a very effective job of removing contaminants.

The first filtering material is polypropylene a type of plastic filter media that removes sediment and large suspended particles from the water. The next layer s Granular activated carbon which works in three ways. It absorbs many chemicals that can be dangerous and then adsorbs or bonds them to itself so that they are permanently removed. It then also acts as a physical filter to remove particles in the water. The last filtering media is redox a catalytic filter media specifically designed to eliminate metals such as iron, lead, copper, arsenic, mercury and chromium and hash, toxic chemicals, such as chloroform, pesticides and bacteria. The flow of the water creates a charge that makes the water a powerful oxidizing agent that removes the contaminants leaving NO by-products, NO odors and making the water completely harmless.

The spa/swim spa pre-filter is good for filtering up to 7,500 gallons of water. Now you can start with clean and safe water. All you need to do is balance your water to keep it safe and clean during your use. Easy!


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