Make Your Summer a Last Longer

Summer time is epitomized by the swimming pool. We are all saddened when it is time to close the pool. A pool heater can extend your pool season into the cooler days of fall particularly if you use a cover when not in use. Many parts of our country still have very warm days this time of year. The pool will stay warm during the day and with a pool heater turned on in the late afternoon and evening the family can still enjoy a relaxing swim after work or school. And think of the weekends while you are enjoying your pool as your neighbors look on with envy. Your kids will feel like they have their summer vacation back.

There are two popular types of pool heaters. One fueled by gas, natural or propane and the other by electric. Electric heat pump pool heaters work just like the heat pump that heats your home. They are efficient and economical to operate and give you the joy of a warm pool.

Heat Siphon is one of the leaders in the industry suppling pool heaters for many different sized pools. Their heat pumps use a scroll compressor which makes them efficient, reliable and very quiet. The heat exchanger is corrosion free titanium with a life time guaranty. They are electrically isolated from the pool so they are safe. They can be used to heat both your pool and your spa.All Parts Pool and Spa has a selection of Heat Siphon models on sale for your consideration. Units are shipped new directly from the manufacturer. CheckĀ  them out on our home page,

We also have parts for other heaters for your pool and spa. Just check for parts in the drop down menus.

Z575HC Heat Siphon Special Order Only

Z700HP Heat Siphon

Z200HP Heat Siphon

Z375HP Heat Siphon

Z575HP Heat Siphon

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